Why Us

Blue Dunes Takes Haircare to a Future Dimension

It seems as though there are as many hair care brands as stars in the sky. We’re different—and we’re not just saying that (seriously, we’re not). Inspired by the seemingly supernatural snow caps on Mars that were sculpted by the elements, Blue Dunes was founded on the premise that all earthlings are just as unique, rare, and beautiful as the extraterrestrial anomaly.

Our other-worldly inspired products invoke a multi-sensory experience, creating a positive energy charge that sees you through whatever journey, external or internal, you’re on. Our goal: Nourish the hair. Nourish the soul. Nourish the mind. And, most importantly, nourish our beautiful planet.

All Earthlings Are Welcome

There’s an infinite expanse of beauty in the universe—the Blue Dunes are proof. So whether you’re an Earthling, extraterrestrial, or someone in between—Blue Dunes is a brand that’s all for one and one for all. We have a tightly edited range of products that preserve and promote hair health, strengthen strands, and enhance your natural beauty.

We’ve tried and tested our products on every hair type, from straight and fine to coarse and coily. You thought Mars’ Blue Dunes were unbelievable? Wait until you see what we’re
capable of.

We’re Committed to a Sustainably Sound Future

The Earthlings need Earth. Our mission of promoting self-love and healthy hair is equally as important as preserving and loving the planet we inhabit. In an industry where greenwashing and misinformation run rampant, Blue Dunes is dedicated to championing transparency in our formulations and packaging. Progress takes precedence over perfection, so rest assured, we’re constantly studying, evolving, and learning how to make our brand as eco-friendly as possible.

Our Prerogative Is To Push Boundaries

While we’re constantly moving toward a better, more majestic future, we’ve already surpassed the status quo of beauty sustainability. Since the brand’s conception, it’s been our prerogative to push boundaries, and we’re proud to say our eco-friendly packaging is a first-of-its-kind innovation. Made of Nodax® PHA, our jars are biodegradable and compostable in all mediums, including soil, compost, freshwater, and saltwater environments. The heat and UV-resistant bioplastic biodegrades completely, leaving no harmful footprint on Planet Earth.

Our Eco Friendly Outlook is 360

Our eco-friendly outlook is 360. In addition to all being women-owned, our factories are wind-powered and dedicated to using the most natural, non-toxic ingredients available. The majority of the products in the Blue Dunes range are Leaping Bunny Certified, EWG Certified, and CleanHub Certified. We are committed to getting every product these accreditations as soon as possible.

Meet Our Cosmic Guide

Clara Purvis has over twenty years of experience delivering hair excellence to her vibrant clientele in some of New York City's most renowned salons including Mudhoney, Toni and Guy, Ultra and Warren Tricomi.

In 2015 she opened the doors to Noordwyck Salon, an eco conscious salon built on sustainable practices located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Raised between Amsterdam and NYC by artist parents, Clara has also traveled the world pursuing Yoga and Ayurvedic studies. She has merged these passions with her drive to create more sustainability and mindfulness within the hair care and beauty industry through Blue Dunes.